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We are an independent supplier of wireless applications technology to the handset industries, mobile communications operators and end users. We specialize in developing and deploying software for Symbian, Android and Blackberry phones. Our innovative solutions have been used by thousands of people every day.

What's New

The support to SMS Anywhere is expired. Please go for SMS Forwarder Pro if you need SMS forwarding application.
Message Mirror v5.31 is released. We have fixed a bug which cause the message export feature does not work on some new Symbian^3 devices.
Sms2Web version 3.2 is released. The new version has fixed some bugs.
Message Router v1.2 is released. We have fixed a serious bug in staring service.
Message Mirror v5.3 is released. We have fixed a bug in log export.
SMS Forwarder Pro v3.0.1 is released. The new version can forward MMS text part as SMS. The invisible icon bug is fixed.
Message Router Message Router can forward incoming sms to your desired target phone numbers. You can set the application to forward sms from A to B, from C to D, etc.

Besides, the application can even support Dynamic Route - route by text command.
Message Router
Message Mirror Message Mirror is one of the tools you must have on your phone. Message Mirror can help you:
  • Find deleted messages and call log.
  • Restore deleted messages to INBOX and SENTBOX folders.
  • Backup messages and call log.
  • Secrete messages private.
Message Mirror
SMS Forwarder Most mobile communication operators provide call forwarding service. But few of them provide sms forwarding. Are you looking for a solution to solve the problem? SMS Forwarder is the answer.

The software reads every incoming message, clones the message and then forwards the clone message to other phones.
SMS Forwarder
Sms2Web Sms2Web is a bridge between SMS and Internet. With the application people are able to access short message anywhere through Internet.

Sms2Web can record all sms traffic in real time on its hosting phone, and transfer sms record to email addresses, MMS, web sites or FTP servers.
Message One With Message One, you can easily send bulk sms to contacts on your phonebook. You only need to select recipients and create a template which some text fields.

Message One can generate sms from your template for each recipient, fills in text fields with corresponding information of the recipient.
Message One
SMS Responser Have you ever been bothered by call or sms when you are in a meeting? You must want a tool to answer call and sms automatically on behalf of you.

SMS Responser is exactly the tool. The software can hangs up incoming call and sends message "I am busy" to the caller. The software can also handle incoming sms.
SMS Responser
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